Managed Print Services (MPS)

Predictable Outcomes your Organization can achieve by Working with KOG-MPS to Measure,Control & Manage your Print Environment

  • Real savings – 20-30% – You can take total control of your print costs.
  • Productivity increase–Print each job to the right printer that provides the lowest cost per page.
  • Asset reallocation–Put the right printer in the right place to do the right job.
  • 24×7 printer monitoring–Proactive, not reactive responses.
  • Pro-active toner resupply–Never worry about running out of toner again.
  • Pro-active problem identification–We will identify and triage the problems as they happen.
  • Pro-active service dispatch–KOG-MPS will automatically dispatch a Tech whenever necessary.
  • Free up IT’s time for real IT issues–Eliminate printer hassles.  IT has better things to do.
  • Regular, detailed and customized reporting of page production–Always know what is going on in your print environment.  You can’t control what you can’t measure.
  • Simplified billing structure–Invoices that are easy to read, understand and approve.  We guarantee pricing integrity.
  • Single invoice for all printer products and services–Less paperwork, less hassle, less cost.
  • Detailed new equipment specifications–Know for sure the exact printer spec you need before you buy another piece of equipment.
  • Long-term fleet management/consultation.  This is just the beginning of a long-term management strategy to further reduce your print costs and improve productivity.
  • Single resource for all printer issues – Total accountability for every aspect of your printer’s performance.

 Let KOG-MPS help you take control of your print environment!